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Lloyd’s Register’s role as a trusted Class adviser

CEO Nick Brown explains how the global company wants to work with owners and stakeholders to find safe, reliable and sustainable solutions…

Classification societies are pivotal to the evolution of the superyacht fleet. As the industry strives for a sustainable future, and continues to innovate and push the boundaries of technological integration on board, Class remains fundamental. The preconception that Class is slow to adapt persists, but growth in the sector must be built on a safe and sustainable foundation.

Balancing this ambition is Class’s prerogative, and nobody has been doing it longer than Lloyd’s Register. Here, In an exclusive interview originally published in The Superyacht Owner Report, we speak with CEO Nick Brown.

The market has traditionally had a good grasp of the role of Class, but perhaps not a full appreciation of its importance. How can this be addressed?

Classification and certification still remain the foundations of what we do, but as the size, sophistication and complexity of yachts have increased, Lloyd’s Register is working in lockstep with the whole community of yacht owners, designers and engineers to find solutions that are reliable and safe.

Collaboration is key as we strive to meet owners’ desire for innovation, perfection and luxury. We see two powerful drivers of change in the superyacht world – decarbonisation and digitalisation. The more environmentally conscious and forward-looking owners are looking for power sources with zero-carbon potential, such as methanol, hydrogen or battery propulsion, which have the potential to drive the advancement of decarbonised operation for the benefit of the whole maritime industry.

At the same time, the digitalisation of plan approval, novel architectural design and increasingly advanced construction techniques are enabling the creation of pioneering craft, only limited by the imagination of their creators. To meet these new demands for safety and reliability, Classification societies have hugely expanded their range of services.

Classification to Rules remains vitally important, but Lloyd’s Register is going above and beyond as a trusted adviser on all aspects of superyacht design and operation. We believe we can offer solutions that make a genuine difference without losing sight of an owner’s desire for comfort and luxury. Interviews such as this help communicate how Class societies can be enablers, collaborators and providers of solutions. 

In light of recent geopolitical events, how has the role of Class evolved?

Recent events have emphasised the role of Class in ensuring safe and reliable transport of essentials globally. In times that have destabilised our world, such as the Covid pandemic, conflicts and energy challenges, the maritime industry has continued to play a key role.

Through the incredible commitment and dedication of hundreds of thousands of seafarers, the supply chains keep moving, providing food, goods and medicine across the world.

Class underpins the technological advancements that can drive a sustainable future. Do you feel that Classification societies are moving fast enough to ensure the industry keeps pace with environmental compliance?

Lloyd’s Register wants to be a driver of change when it comes to sustainability. We believe sustainable operation will advance through the sharing of innovation, research and expertise, which is why Lloyd’s Register and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation created the Maritime Decarbonisation Hub in 2020. Its mission is to create safe, sustainable pathways to a zero-carbon maritime industry.

In practical terms, that means providing open access to leading research, such as our Zero Carbon Fuel Monitor. It provides evidence that can help the shipping sector make the right decisions about which sustainable fuels and technologies to choose, now and in the future. Again, it shows how we’re going beyond compliance to provide meaningful insight, expertise and advice that can support our clients in their decision-making around sustainable operation.


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Lloyd’s Register’s role as a trusted Class adviser


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