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Introducing Unica

Besenzoni targets the superyacht market with the development of a new brand, Unica…

After 50 years of operating in the production yacht market, primarily within the 20-40m size range, Besenzoni has shifted its focus for commitments by creating a new brand dedicated to the superyacht market. Unica (Unique Yacht Accessories, has been developed with the specific intention of satisfying the growing demand for large yacht accessories for both shipyards and owners.

“Besenzoni is one of the most well-known brands in the nautical sector,” starts Dario Tosto, sales manager for the Middle East, North Europe and Far East at Unica. “We are very strong in the 20-40m sector but, over the years, the superyacht market has grown significantly. The average length of superyachts continues to grow and, thanks to our structure, know-how and technology, we are able to cater to this market and build bigger accessories to reach clients of all sizes. The development of the Unica brand is to make it clear to shipyards and clients that we are dedicated to competing in this market.”

While Unica is a division of Besenzoni, the two brands should be considered as distinct owing to the different challenges presented by the large superyacht sector. Unica will be operating out of a different workshop, with its own staff members that are experts in the specific regulatory challenges and processes associated with the large superyacht market.

From gangways and doors to canopies and terraces, Unica offers an incredibly diverse set of custom products. Among Unica’s most recent projects is ‘Balcony’, which has been designed for superyachts over 35m. Balcony is a balcony-window, to be installed at the bow section at the height of the owner’s cabin, where the curvature os the ship’s side makes it difficult to customise the yacht.

“The idea behind Unica is not simply to present bigger version of the projects that have made Besenzoni so successful, but to bring something entirely unique to the sector as well,” continues Tosto. “Over 60m there are few series projects, most vessels are unique and, therefore, so must our products be. Every client wants some sort of personalisation, tweak or customisation and we are able to provide that.”

Simply satisfying the need for custom accessories, however, is not enough to guarantee the continued success of a business in this highly competitive sector. Unica will go beyond custom product delivery and ensure support for on board assembly as well as a worldwide after-sales service.

“The superyacht market is very small. When you work in this sector there are very few shipyards and we have even fewer competitors,” explains Tosto. “Everybody knows each other and new projects immediately become known around the world. The biggest differentiator in this sector isn’t actually the products themselves, but the level of service provided and, at Unica, we believe our service is market-leading,”

Thanks to the business’ diversity, areas of specialisation and qualities of its workforce, Unica has the expertise, experience and scale to cater to the superyacht market both in terms of product quality and continued worldwide service.  

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Introducing Unica


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