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Cost-saving, ease and continuity

IDEA Data Solutions management software can vastly improve the efficiency of superyacht operations…

In recent years, superyachts have grown both in terms of their size and complexity. Typically, when one considers the growing complexity of vessels, there is a tendency to think about advanced and novel technologies, however, not only have various systems become more complex, but the administrative burden to run the vessels has also grown exponentially. We speak with the team from IDEA Data Solutions about the need for management software.

“The key challenge for superyachts today is how to manage all their data,” starts Tobias Allebrodt, executive director of IDEA Data Solutions. “These are incredibly complex environments. In the past it may have been sufficient to use excel sheets and handwritten records, but today ISM, ISPS, flag state and various other entities require a great deal of up to date information. It is true that each can be managed without management software, and some relatively inactive superyachts are able to do this, but for most large superyachts it is just impractical to do so without the aid of intelligent software.”

Whether it be maintenance management, including predictive maintenance and condition-based maintenance, inventory & purchasing, document management, engine room logging, safety management, crew and guest management or beyond, the administrative burden on board superyachts has become so large, that an integrated system is the most effective way to manage everything that superyacht operations encompass.

“It goes without saying how expensive the operation of a superyacht is on a daily, weekly and monthly basis,” continues Allebrodt. “So expensive in fact that the cost of a management system is insignificant by comparison. However, the potential cost of the risks associated with a poorly managed vessel are by no means insignificant and they have the ability to ruin an owners experience. Additionally, a streamlined system has the ability to considerably reduce the administrative burden on captains and senior crew.”

It is fair to say that, in many instances, the transitional nature of the superyacht industry results in a lack of continuity. In a market where crew frequently jump from vessel to vessel, it is not uncommon for on board systems to change in order to cater to the skillsets of the present senior crew. In these eventualities, when authorities require data and documentation, it may be that a number of different formats and systems are presented, confusing and elongating the process. In the instances where management software is used, its simple user interface and intuitiveness makes it far easier for superyachts to maintain continuity in the event of personnel changes.

With over 1100 vessels now using IDEA Data Solutions management software, whether that be the full suite of service or specific elements of it, it is clear that the technology yields tangible benefits. In a market that is at times becoming bogged down in administration burden, to the detriment of the market’s core values such as service and guest satisfaction, the technology simply aims to create a system that provides cost-saving capabilities, ease of use and operational continuity.

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Cost-saving, ease and continuity


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