What is immediately apparent when working through the guidance set out by this chapter’s three columnists is the particular importance all three attach to the regulatory parameters under which commercial superyachts operate. For our three columnists, this codification of operational protocol provides structure and clarity to best practice; in essence, making the intangible, tangible.

Of course, while many of our Buyer Journey chapters focus on yachting from an asset management perspective, this element stands alone as uniquely hands on – the actual process of operating one’s yacht. And therefore, in this instance, best practice takes on a different guise insofar as it ensures the safety of those on board, be they guests or crew.

In my chapter foreword, my focus was on the importance of crew longevity to the enjoyment of those on board. After all, discourse surrounding ‘crew professionalism’ and crew retention’ is a perennial industry hot potato. 

But our columnists have opted for a different tack, focussing instead on operation in the context of the regulatory landscape that governs it. 

As Yachting Partners International yacht management partner, Adrian Tinkler put it, “Operations need to harness technology and management systems to keep all in strong health, maintained readily available, and that risks towards people are kept low; let us not forget, ‘it moves’ – often in hostile environments and challenging circumstances.”

So, to read the views of Tinkler, alongside Anita Griffiths (senior manager – yachting and aviation, Equiom Isle of Man) and Matt Halpin (senior yacht underwriter, Lead Yacht),  click here and access the chapter in full.

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