Another milestone in the construction of the REV Ocean project has been completed with GL Yachtverglasung having installed the glazing for the observation deck on 9 October 2020. In addition to 32 straight and curved panes, the curved front pane with a dimension of 11.2m by 2.8m and weight of 4.5 tons is the crowning achievement of this glazing stage, which sits at 27m above the waterline. The panes were installed tied to the ship structure (frameless design) with an invisible mechanical fastening system developed by GL Yachtverglasung.

Developed and owned by the Norwegian businessman Kjell Inge Røkke, upon completion 182.9m REV Ocean will not only be the world’s largest superyacht, but also the most scientifically advanced. In fact, referring to the REV Ocean project as a superyacht does not even nearly do it justice. REV Ocean is a not-for-profit company created with on overarching purpose and ambition – to make the ocean healthy again.

REV Ocean is a state of the art research and expedition vessel that upon completion will be equipped with some of the world’s most sophisticated facilities and scientific equipment for carrying out cutting edge ocean science.The vessel will be equipped with scientific trawls, sonar systems, laboratories, auditorium and classrooms, a submarine, an ROV with 6000m-depth capacity and much more.

Importantly, however, REV Ocean combines models of research, expedition and charter, bringing the scientific method to directly to wealthy individuals in order to inspire them into engaging in philanthropic and scientific projects of their own. Indeed, Inge Røkke hopes that REV Ocean will set an example for what is possible and set an example for other scientifically engaged UHNWIs.

As such, the whole superyacht industry has been following the progress of the REV Ocean project with absolute interest and GL Yachtverglasung’s completion of the observation lounge’s glazing brings the project one step closer to fruition.

According to GL Yachtverglasung the panes for the observation lounge were fastened using an invisible mechanical system developed in house called GLY-EdgeLock. This is a mechanical system for fastening panes into the ship’s structure. The panes have to be mechanically secured in addition to glueing. The major benefit of this system is that the frame is no longer visible and therefore the overall aesthetic of the project is elevated.

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