- Technology - A[I] friend or foe?

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A[I] friend or foe?

Palladium Technologies partners with TSF 2019, inviting the industry to consider this pressing question…

We are pleased to announce that Palladium Technologies, a leader in innovative hardware and software technologies, will be partnering with The Superyacht Forum at the upcoming event this November (18th – 20th). SuperyachtNews spoke to Michael Blake, president at Palladium Technologies, about the partnership and their thoughts on this year’s future-focused event.

For over 25 years, with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Palladium Technologies has provided fully integrated solutions that encompass all parts of a superyacht, using its seafaring experience and understanding to design and develop products to meet the needs of yacht owners, captains, engineers, crew and guests.

According to Blake, at this year’s edition of The Superyacht Forum, Palladium Technologies “believe that it is important to bring awareness to our industry of the rapid advances which are seen in other industries with the use of AI.

“Those who are early adopters of this technology will have an opportunity to highly leverage their businesses for success. Palladium has, and is, investing in the application of this technology for many aspects of our technology solutions,” he continued.

Their latest innovation, Titan Automated Electrical Distribution system, allows small electrical panels to be placed close to the consumer electrical systems eliminating the need for large breaker panels on each deck of the yacht. These smaller breaker panels can be monitored and controlled remotely, allowing them to be located in deck-heads or other hidden locations. Further information can be found here.

“Palladium is a technology solution provider, as opposed to being compared to such as an AV/IT company. Our goal is to provide our technology solutions that improve the way of life for our owners, greatly increasing the effectiveness of operations on the yachts, while leading with advanced implementations of technology.”

When we asked what our theme, ‘Building for the Next Generation’, means to Palladium Technologies, Blake responded, “I hope it means that we are opening our eyes to this next radical shift is the evolution of our industry from the type of owners and their new expectations, which are being developed from their experiences outside of our traditional marine industry. They will not accept the conservative approaches that have been part of our history in yacht building and operation.”

The next generation of superyacht owners will bring their own set of needs, expectations and demands. “They will expect better and more consistent/unique experiences once onboard their yachts, with lower operational costs,” commented Blake, “They will find it difficult to accept our long design and build times and will push us to improve this process. It is also upon us to provide them a greatly reduced, if not zero, carbon footprint for their yachts which don’t jeopardize their futures.

"The biggest revolution that we will see in our lifetimes is the implementations of AI, as it is occurring today in our everyday lives. This is not something that will wait for us..." - Michael Blake, President - Palladium Technologies

“The biggest revolution that we will see in our lifetimes is the implementations of AI, as it is occurring today in our everyday lives. This is not something that will wait for us, as it is growing at an exponential rate, so it is important today to discuss the pros and cons of these implementations. I see all aspects of our industry being affected, including the complete operation of our yachts, the design and build process, the management of them, as well as the gathering and dissemination of the news.

From a captain and crew perspective, Blake asks the industry to “open their eyes to what is coming, and how their roles will change for the better,” which will become apparent during the various sessions at The Superyacht Forum. “It is important for their futures that they prepare to embrace these changes, as it will be impossible to hold them back.”

On the flip side, the next generation of industry leaders must understand that developments in technology are growing at an accelerated pace, and thus business must continue to look forwards. “Those who have their eyes wide open and embrace these new technologies will be the successful futurists in our industry,” added Blake. “Also of importance is how can we use these technologies to lead the world with approaching a zero footprint for yachts?”

On day three of The Superyacht Forum (20th November), our Technology Day is set to ruffle many feathers, with various high-level futuristic topics and sensitive subjects, such as the implementations of AI, as mentioned by Blake. “Will it be our friend or our foe?” he asks.

If you have the answer to Blake’s question, or should you wish to add to the debate, join us at The Superyacht Forum 2019 in association with METSTRADE by clicking here.

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