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The return of the Pinmar Golf Tournament

Remy Millott, CEO of GYG shares insights on what we can expect from this beloved event's comeback in 2025…

The potential revival of the Pinmar Golf Tournament, to coincide with Pinmar’s 50th anniversary in 2025, has been a hot topic of discussion within the industry. CEO of GYG, Remy Millott, shares insights on what we can expect from this beloved event's comeback.

In the superyacht industry, there's a longstanding tradition that combines a passion for golf with a commitment to charitable causes. For decades, the Pinmar Golf Tournament has been a celebrated event, bringing industry professionals to Mallorca for a legendary few days in October, all while raising substantial funds for charity. Recently, the tournament has been on hiatus, but the excitement is building as plans for its return are unveiled.

The decision to halt the tournament was not made lightly. In his conversation, Remy Millott reflects on why the tournament paused after 31 successful years. He notes that the decision stemmed from a desire to ensure the event's sustainability and maintain its reputation for excellence.

Millott explains, "We felt like we'd done everything we possibly could over a long period to elevate the event. I didn't want people to feel obligated to keep attending, but we couldn't do any more to revitalize it." The hiatus allowed the organizers to regroup, reassess, and come back stronger. It was an opportunity to think outside the box and return with a refreshed format that could cater to the diverse interests within the superyacht community.

The revival and what to expect

As the Pinmar Golf Tournament prepares for its return, several key changes are on the horizon. One of the most significant shifts will be the introduction of a dual-tournament format.

Millott elaborates, "The first day will be all about fun and inclusivity, a traditional Pinmar Golf day. Golfers of all skill levels can come together for a relaxed day of golf, complete with the course bars and fundraising, lunch and social activities on the terrace for the non-golfers. It's an opportunity to enjoy the sport without the pressure of intense competition."

"The second day, however, will be a showcase of top-tier golfing talent within the industry. With a cut-off handicap, this tournament day will identify the best golfer in the industry, adding a layer of excitement and competition to the event."

But it's not just about golf, as Millott emphasises, The Pinmar Golf Tournament is known for its social aspects. Attendees can look forward to a party at Nikki Beach, a prize-giving dinner, and entertainment that promises to be unforgettable.

Giving back through charity

A core principle of the Pinmar Golf Tournament has always been its charitable contributions. Since its inauguration, the Pinmar Golf has raised over 1 million euros, which has been distributed across a wide spectrum of worthy causes covering marine conservation programs, industry-related and Mallorca-based charities, and beneficiaries chosen by the yearly tournament winners. Millott emphasizes this commitment, stating that every euro raised through the event goes to charity.

"Fundraising and helping others have always been central to The Pinmar Golf Tournament, it’s something I feel very strongly about. Thanks to the wonderful support of our sponsors each year we can ensure that all money raised goes directly to charities that are making a real difference. A great example is what Nick is doing with Yachting Gives Back, one of the local charities whom we support, who are changing lives in Mallorca."

As Millott mentions, Nick Entwisle, a former director of Pinmar and Founder of Yachting Gives Back, has created a charity organisation that provides a potential solution to the issue of yachts discarding items they no longer need and yet can be put to good use by local homeless shelters, food banks, soup kitchens and children’s charities here in Mallorca.  

YGB collects food, bedding, towels and all the other random things that yachts may no longer need but will raise money in a charity shop. The funds raised by Pinmar Golf will enable them to buy the essentials they need to fill the gaps in these donations, which can be anything from washing machines and other major items which the local charities simply cannot afford without our support.

The revival of the tournament aims to continue to grow this philanthropic tradition. The organizers plan to ensure that the charity aspect remains meaningful and impactful, with a focus on smaller charities that can truly benefit from the funds raised.

The Future of the Pinmar Golf Tournament

While the Pinmar Golf Tournament is making its return, one question lingers: will it become an annual event? Millott offers clarity on this front, stating that it won't be an annual affair. Instead, the organizers are considering a biannual format, similar to the Ryder Cup, which would take place every two years. This approach allows other industry events to thrive in alternate years.

Millott concludes, "To make it special and sustainable at the same time, we want to consider an event every other year. There is space for us and other tournaments to continue to grow and increase our charitable contributions as an industry, and we’re excited to see our industry friends back on the course in 2025." 

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The return of the Pinmar Golf Tournament


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