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Manning and Training - where do we go from here?

Experts from around the world met at The Superyacht Forum Live – Captains Edition to create a strategy for upgrading the workforce across the market …

According to both captains and recruiters, manning and training are two of the most fundamental problems facing the superyacht industry today. The industry is still in its nascent beginnings, and, amidst the chaos of the past few years, key stakeholders have managed to identify these core issues and begin strategising solutions. As the world (hopefully) returns to normal, and progressive events with positive discourse continue again in their usual manner, one can feasibly hope that we will see an increase in maturity and professionalism in the market.
We spoke to an array of captains as well as other stakeholders of the industry to gain further insight into the current state of the market. Martin Redmayne, Chairman of The Superyacht Group, was joined by superyacht captain Rod Hatch to deliver the 2nd workshop on the 2nd day of The Superyacht Forum Live – Captains Edition. Following on from last year's discussion, the aim was to identify how the manning and training sector can become more cost effective and efficient, after all, without the right people, the fleet simply can’t work properly.

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