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Best kept secret

Laurence Lewis, President of YPI Crew, on how best to work with recruiters when hiring yacht crew…

One of the greatest myths in recruitment is to believe that, by engaging multiple recruiters, the client gets a better service. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - it’s in the client’s best interest to work with one or two recruitment agencies only.
Here’s why you should work with just one or two recruitment agencies:
When working with only one or two skilled yacht recruitment agencies, the client is getting the recruiter’s full commitment to fill the vacancy as each of the one or two agencies has a real chance of making a placement. All good recruiters, whoever they work for, take their jobs to heart and they genuinely want to help and solve a problem for their client. Being part of a solution is a truly rewarding part of our jobs.
Clients may believe that they get more effort from a recruiter when the role is in competition with many agencies, but that’s just not true, as recruiters see their own personal added value dwindle in the process.
What really happens is a short burst of low-quality activity from all these recruiters as they scramble to promptly send CVs in an effort to beat the competition. The quality of the selections proposed is then average – too many CVs are sent, the good and relevant ones together with the ‘not-on-brief’ and not available ones. This leaves the client confused.
What follows is that recruiter’s interest wavers as they realise the client is not committed, and the client is left frustrated, with far too many CVs, many duplicates and a mess to deal with.
Limiting the number of recruiters involved maintains confidentiality and raises quality
Recruiters will invest their energy in clients who they work with as real partners. A recruiter will get to know you well over time which will allow for faster work and more effective candidate selection and matches.
Confidentiality is important to many yacht owners and operators; this totally flies out of the window when jobs are being touted around town by five or more agencies, each of them speaking with nine or 10 candidates about the role. And let’s not even talk about throwing social media into the mix.
Quality is at the heart of the search, not speed, even though good recruiters can provide both. Why would a client base an important hiring decision on who sends a CV first by minutes or hours?
Exclusivity allows recruiters to do quality work and to head-hunt. The process goes wider than just focusing on the last candidates who have registered on the database and who are fresh in our mind.
The client will save his own time and be able to concentrate on his own job on board the yacht knowing that his/her new crewmember is being exclusively hand-picked and vetted by recruitment professionals. Why repeat yourself 10 times with multiple contacts who will send you duplicate CVs anyway?
The yacht’s image is preserved by using one or two quality recruiters. Candidates tend to get suspicious when a job is represented by multiple recruiters and is plastered all over social media.
Are you looking for yacht crew for your yacht?
At YPI CREW we thrive on being a part of the solution and equipping yachts with the right qualified crew. Each of our recruiters is specialised in recruitment for a particular department which gives them unparalleled knowledge and authority in their field.
Get in touch with us today and find out how we can become your partner in yacht crew recruitment.
When looking for crew, our recruiters will connect you with suitable, available and interested candidates, each of which will be checked, certified, pre-interviewed and ensured to be a perfect fit to your existing crew.
You can get in touch with us by clicking here.

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Best kept secret


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