Setting the bar for the calibre of speakers that we will present to you in 2020, we are delighted to announce that Patrick Fagan, Behavioural Scientist, will be speaking at The Superyacht Design Summit next month, in partnership with Summit Furniture. During the exclusive event, attendees will be provided with an insight into the subject matters that will be discussed in detail at this year's edition of The Superyacht Design Forum (12 – 14 May).

Combining academic research with experimentation, Fagan practically applies the results to both business and politics, offering consultancy for a plethora of brands from eBay to Vodafone, and has spoken at many inspiring events such as Talks at Google.

This exclusive breakfast is taking place on 10th March during London Design Week, and allows for members of the superyacht design community to delve deep into the mind of an industry-outsider, followed by relaxed networking time with peers. To apply for your VIP spot at The Superyacht Design Summit, please contact us here.

During The Superyacht Design Summit, Patrick Fagan will explore the ‘psychology of designing to personality types’, and will touch upon the meaning of ‘value perception’...

Further to feedback received from the superyacht sphere, this year The Superyacht Design Forum will consider topics that are educational and provide a deeper understanding into crucial subjects that have previously not received enough of a platform. Therefore, at The Superyacht Design Summit, Fagan will explore the ‘psychology of designing to personality types’, and will touch upon the meaning of ‘value perception’.

Earlybird Tickets to The Superyacht Design Forum (12 - 14 May) Available Here

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For an industry that consists of so many sectors, and with a hard-to-reach end client, there are understandably many personality types encountered along the way, meaning that Fagan’s scientific insight into how to specifically target all these different types may prove invaluable.

This is just one example of the dynamic range of topics that will form The Superyacht Design Forum, 12th – 14th May, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, and we look forward to seeing you there. Should you wish to put forward a topic that you feel needs to be discussed at one of our Forums, please contact, and a member of the team will respond accordingly.

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