National Marine understands how frustrating and alarmed the public; our customers and friends are in these trying times. We have recently received many requests to purchase COVID-19 testing kits. Like many of you, we have seen companies offering these testing kits, and in times like these, it is easy to be distracted with fear. Test kits like these kits found online and at some seemingly reputable companies are reportedly faulty test kits from China. These kits caused tremendous damage in Spain and the Czech Republic with an alarming 80% failure rate!   

Please understand National Marine cannot offer testing kits that are not approved for use by the FDA. Currently, there is NO legal or approved layman testing kit available that is accurate enough to risk your safety or those around you.

Our bottom line is not, nor has it ever been more important than our clients’ wellbeing. These kits are not safe for diagnosing COVID-19. Please know that when purchasing these kits, you are potentially putting yourself, your family, friends, and your community at risk. A false negative can be devastating to those around you and increases the risk of the spread of COVID-19 within the community.  

Many factors go into testing in a medical setting. For example, even an approved test is not validated for use in asymptomatic individuals and testing those without symptoms may give falsely reassuring negative results and lead to missed infections or inaccurate safety recommendations. Which is why it is important to social distance and seek medical care if any symptoms do arise.  

Currently, medical facilities and medical professionals are the only ones who have the ability to test and treat. So, we implore you to seek medical assistance rather than put yourself and those you care about at risk by purchasing these “false kits”.

We understand your concerns, and we share them. We will continue to monitor and investigate every test that becomes available to ensure that we can provide only legal and accurate testing to our clients and families should they become available. 

As always, National Marine wishes our clients to remain safe and know we stand with you now in these times and in better days to come. 

Please see the links below to stay up to date on testing, COVID-19 Updates, and FAQ.

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