The Superyacht Group is proud to announce the launch of SuperyachtNews Premium at Monaco Yacht Show 2019.

SuperyachtNews Premium is the industry’s first curated, searchable archive of quality historical print content. The premium section of SuperyachtNews represents the portal into a fully searchable archive of our catalogue of print reports and represents our commitment to being the superyacht market’s most objective, accurate, flexible and informative provider of independent journalism.

Our research has shown us that readers are demanding more flexibility when it comes to how they receive, curate and consume print media. And within SuperyachtNews Premium, readers will be able to search for and download content based on their particular subjects of interest, company name or key term, thereby allowing readers to specifically consume content that is based on need or significance. The library will initially consist of the new era of The Superyacht Report, spanning 2017-2019.

As of today, SuperyachtNews Premium is available to readers for a six-month complimentary trial period. Click here to sign up.  

As the media landscape continues to evolve, so too does The Superyacht Group’s media offering. In January 2017, The Superyacht Report entered the next stage of its development with the consolidation of four market leading publications: The Crew Report; The Superyacht Owner; Superyacht Design and The Superyacht Report. Research had clearly shown us that the market was not as segmented in terms of its interests. Indeed, captains want to read about design, designers need to read about crew issues, business leaders are interested in owner trends and owners like to know about all of the aforementioned sectors. The launch of SuperyachtNews Premium represents the next step in the evolution of our media offering. Readers will now be able to apply the convenience and functionality of the digital age, to The Superyacht Group’s market-leading, and expansive portfolio of historical print content.

In addition to the launch of SuperyachtNews Premium, throughout Monaco Yacht Show 2018, we will be welcoming leads sent to us via, under the complete guarantee of anonymity. This is an opportunity for our market peers to submit their most profound leads and insights for a chance to win a MacBook. In addition, if you lead is picked up by the SuperyachtNews team, you will be automatically eligible for a complimentary subscription to The Superyacht Report. The competition will end when the horns sound on the final day of Monaco Yacht Show 2019.

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