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One to One: Paschalis Patsiokas

Paschalis Patsiokas, Chief Executive Officer of BWA Yachting, discusses future strategies for the industry in a post-pandemic world…

Chief Executive Officer Paschalis Patsiokas has been with BWA Yachting for over 13 years and is a fountain of wealth for industry knowledge. BWA is a worldwide luxury yacht service provider which exists to help managers, captains and crews with the increasing demands of managing a modern superyacht.
The broad range of services offered by BWA extends from fully integrated global packages through to handling single port calls and last-minute specialist concierge requests. Advanced itinerary planning and implementation of every aspect of a yacht's trip is also provided by BWA Yachting, with global offices stretching throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Americas, providing seamless experiences.
In a candid conversation with our Chairman, Martin Redmayne, Patsiokas discussed the economic impact of yachting, “Globally, people don’t understand the economic value of yachting. There is no St Tropez without yachts.” However, Patsiokas also argued, “With more coverage of the industry, we are bringing more tourism and business to superyacht locations.”
Patsiokas, doesn’t like to let things out of his control frustrate him, but that doesn’t stop him from having particular gripes with the industry, “I think that one of the things that we can do is lobby together for change. If you look at the growth curve for the number of billionaires in existence over the last couple decades, its enormous. So, we need to get better at working together to bridge the gap.” Patsiokas went on to explain how, “By being more open and having more freedom to exchange more general data and information, we can move forward.”
The CEO believes he has found a silver lining in retrospect to the last 18 months, the pandemic demanded that stakeholders in the industry banded together in order to ensure survival. Patsiokas believes that not only has this sense of community ensured survival, but it has also likened the chances of a prosperous future, “I’ve learnt that we are resilient, and we are global. The bonds that have been created with people when times were tough will not simply just go away. As a company we felt very much on the front line, and thankfully, nobody that I know of was hospitalised or worse.”

The One to One series is a collective campaign for change and industry improvement, and we welcome participants from all sectors. If you would like to take part or contribute your thoughts, please contact Eleanor Shepherd.  

 The 42-minute-long in-depth discussion also went on to draw specific insight into the realities of agency operations in the second half of the conversation, with a particular focus on what needs to be done to ensure future success. You can watch the digital dialogue here.

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