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One to One: Marianne Hendriks

Marianne Hendriks, managing director of Moonen Yachts, explores the digital revolution and the future of client engagement…

The latest instalment of The Superyacht Groups Digital Dialogue series features a candid conversation between Marianne Hendriks, Managing director of Moonen Yachts, and our Business Editor, Rory Jackson. In this forward thinking 27-minute discussion, Marianne and Rory discuss the future of digital platforms, the future of boat shows, and how the process of buying a superyacht has adapted to a socially distant world.
Marianne Hendriks has over 20 years of experience in the maritime industry, both in Marketing and Management. After joining Moonen Yachts in 2018, Hendriks was appointed to the position of Managing Director in 2020. In doing this, she was able to leverage her experience and skills to manage the company in a professional, pro-active and personal way. Hendriks is the first point of contact for customers interested in a new build.
Prior to joining Moonen Yachts, Hendriks gained experience in tourism, working as a manager at a medium-sized building and construction company for 19 years with a large system integrator in the superyacht industry. Now, with Moonen, Hendriks has played an integral part in the sale of two superyachts during the course of the pandemic.
Marianne Hendriks is able to naturally bring a positive vibe to the shipyard and her customers with her open-minded personality, however, there is a limitation to how she is able to exercise these assets in the digital world. “The process of buying a superyacht begins with trust, it’s difficult if everything is virtual because you can’t physically shake a hand, that personal touch isn’t there,” Marianne explained.
However, the inclusion of digital platforms does also bring significant advantages, “Zoom calls will remain a part of our business and we can have a hybrid formula for all matters of communication.” Marianne went on to say, “I would have digital platforms for the decision-making process. Although you can’t beat face to face interactions for first time meetings.”
With the lack of boat shows in the last 16 months, many stakeholders and industry leaders have begun to question the role that they play in attracting new clients. Hendricks stated that, “In my opinion, there is only one function for Boat Shows, and that is to show customers a boat when they are thinking of buying a boat.” Hendriks also went on to compliment the welcome evolution in the Monaco Yacht Show which places the ‘drivers of our industry’, the owners, on the podium.
Through this conversation, it is clear to see that certain individuals in the new build sector have thrived during recent times through a sheer ability to adapt and overcome. Marianne Hendricks also provides reasonable and conceptual insight which lays bare the requirements and considerations for a prosperous future.
You can view the full interview and access the ever-growing archive of digital dialogues here.



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