- Business - Episode Three of The Superyacht Forum Live Tour – Amsterdam


Episode Three of The Superyacht Forum Live Tour – Amsterdam

The new episode showcases some of the key one to one discussions that took place during the final day at TSF Live 2021…

The latest episode of The Superyacht Forum Live Tour is out now. Episode Three of the Amsterdam Leg focuses on a series of one to one interviews The Superyacht Group team conducted during Day Three of The Forum. The space between the keynote sessions allowed News Editor Max Stott and Business Editor Rory Jackson to examine some of the vital issues in greater detail with some of the industry's most forward-thinking stakeholders. 

After a fascinating Day Three discussion on the future of the refit sector, Stott continued the conversation with Victor Perez Campos, commercial director of  Astilleros de Mallorca. The generational difference and how it may affect the industry was a hot topic at The Superyacht Forum Live. While its significance across specific sectors is debated, Campos was clear in his analysis: 'Maybe working in a shipyard is not a sexy job for the millennial generation. So we needed to explain what we do to our local universities and schools. So, we created this arrangement with the University of The Balearics, whereby we can teach the different specialities. The specialities of the workshop, of course, but also skills like project management." 

Highlighting the potential skill shortage is one aspect for the Balearics, and equally the wider industry, Campos spoke to the need to effectively communicate the industry's positive benefits to the broader community and economy:

"We see this need, and as the industry grows, we need to be able to reply by having the manpower. Because facilities are easier to make than the human capital teams."  States Campos.

As expressed by Campos, this initiative is about showcasing to the government also that the superyacht sector is about more than just rich people visiting; it forms a vital part of the economy of the Balearics. The island example presents it more starkly but gives a lens back onto the wider industry, stressing the importance of attracting the right human capital into the industry and making sure that we communicate our positive feedback effectively. 

The superyacht industry's place in the wider maritime sector has blurred boundaries. One of the critical voices lobbying the IMO on its behalf is SYBASS. In a detailed discussion with Jackson, Lorenzo Policardo, the technical and environmental director, summarised the dynamic: "We are in a lucky but also a dangerous position with the IMO. Currently, the IMO is not officially focussing on superyachting. The unlucky aspect is that if we continue to do nothing, eventually we would fall under the regulatory approach of other industries, such as cruise or shipping. Now, the cruise industry is very similar to yachting, but it is not the same! As has been mentioned at The Forum, we need to follow how the shipping industry is moving, not what they are doing." 

"If we wish to showcase to the IMO that we are able and willing to reduce the emissions footprint that is affecting the atmosphere, we need to take care not only of the emissions underway but of the hotel loads and power consumption." States Policardo.

Episode Three of The Superyacht Forum Live - Amsterdam is available to watch above, or you can watch it via our on-demand video library here.

The Superyacht Forum Live Tour – Amsterdam represents the third leg of a global tour that will see The Superyacht Group visiting the market's most exciting hubs and developing regions and enjoying discussing that market's various nuances with some of the industry's most savvy commentators.

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