The coronavirus pandemic has already caused a bigger shock to global economies than the 2008 financial crisis. It is now evident that no sector will be left unscathed by the effects of COVID-19, and this includes the superyacht industry. Once the outbreak subsides, therefore, it will be more important than ever for businesses to make informed decisions about their future investments.

The Superyacht Agency reduces risks to a minimum for those investing in the industry by defining the value and the potential of a market, a brand or a service and ensuring that businesses can make data-driven decisions. The Superyacht Agency recently delivered two such bespoke consultancy reports that analysed and identified the future growth potential and possible investment strategies of two prominent superyacht marinas.

For Porto Mirabello, an Italian marina located in La Spezia, The Superyacht Agency’s Intelligence team undertook a detailed analysis of the superyacht fleet alongside Mediterranean migratory data to analyse the marina’s berthing capacity versus current activity levels. The analysis was then used to establish the client’s current market position and define its future scope for growth.

In addition, the Intelligence team undertook a market perception study to provide the client with valuable insight into superyacht markets' demands and preferences within the marina sector. Using this data to complement the fleet and migratory data analysis, the report concluded in identifying potential areas of investment that would strengthen the marina’s market position.

Please note, the above graphic is only a representation of similar work conducted, and not related to the datasets used in either projects.

Working on a research project for Marina Port Vell Barcelona (previously known as OneOcean Port Vell), The Superyacht Agency followed a similar methodology. Using fleet data to track the current fleet and its trajectory over time, the analysis focused on a specific size sector within the fleet, in the context of Mediterranean migration trends. Detailed Mediterranean migratory data from this size sector was used to establish the potential demand for berths of that size in Barcelona. The data was also used to compare superyacht traffic in Spain versus the rest of the Mediterranean to identify which competing regions were attracting what type of superyachts and at what time.

Having established the growth and future growth of this specific size sector, and the impact this will have on the number of yachts in Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean, the two datasets were combined to establish the current and forecasted regional berthing supply-and-demand dynamics for Marina Port Vell and the marinas of other Mediterranean countries. This analysis was also complemented by the results of a market perception survey that garnered insight from some of the industry’s principal decision-makers to gauge sentiment towards Marina Port Vell and the potential for the buying or leasing of long-term berthing in the marina.

The results of these research projects have allowed both marinas to plot informed growth and investment strategies that are based on data and market research. To find out more about The Superyacht Agency’s intelligence offering and download an example report, please click here. Or, to have an informal chat about how the team can help you, please contact Russell Cockerton, head of intelligence, by emailing

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