The Superyacht Group’s fleet database comprises numbers that are simply staggering for a superyacht fleet that only numbers 6,071 and underlines its status as a powerful business tool. There are over 80 searchable fields, which ensure that user searches are utterly bespoke. Each yacht record contains a staggering 70+ fields of unique data, and including secondary and tertiary data, the SuperyachtIntel database comprises approximately 1.3 million data points, an unprecedented statistic we’re sure you’ll agree. 

However, there are times when our clients’ search requirements are both very specific and very immediate. When a company needs business-critical information at short notice, they can contact The Superyacht Agency’s in-house team of analysts with a request.

Upon receipt of a request, the team will return with a quote, and if agreed, will then deliver a bespoke package that comprises raw data and graphical representations of the data, which can then be seamlessly incorporated into a company report or presentation.

Many of our subscribers need to monitor the evolving order book on a regular basis. But for some, the requirement for data may be biannual, quarterly, or sporadically. And for them, the huge annual cost of some of the subscription services currently on the market, makes them impractical and unviable. In essence, a bespoke data service represents a more competitive, tailor-made and convenient package.

One such request came from a prominent refit yard, which required market context to its own internal performance, for an upcoming presentation it was giving for a potential tender. Upon receipt of the requested data, which affirmed its reliability, quality and longevity, the yard won that all-important contract.

This is just one example of how this bespoke service benefits businesses. We will respond to any request, provide the resulting data in the specified format, and all at a cost that makes more sense than some other market options.

If you or your business have a bespoke data request, please contact or visit

 To download a complimentary report outlining a summary of our suite of services, explaining how we can support your company’s strategic growth, please click here. 

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