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We introduce the Superyacht VAT Think Tank

Since I got involved in the superyacht sector 20 years ago, I realized that is missing a regular group discussion focusing specifically on tax issues in the industry. I am aware that there have been some attempts in the past in this regard but to date these haven`t materialized. This is why I decided to launch this new project, The Superyacht VAT Think Tank, which intends to create an informal group discussion with tax experts from different jurisdictions. Despite the group is primarily focused on EU VAT, participation it is not restricted exclusively to the EU based experts. The group wants to encourage high-level discussions to address, debate, understand and contrast enforcement of the EU VAT Directive and Customs Regulations in the different EU Member States in the yachting sector. Ultimately, we would like to become a reference in the EU panorama for potential discussions and lobbing with policy makers and trying to improve the enforcement and suggesting changes on the tax regulations at national and EU level. The pillars on where we intend to sustain the group activity are facilitating learning, building a community and communication, by means of Webinars, creating a linkedin group discussion, regular group meetings and one to one meetings. This is a free participation project, so no initial payment is expected from any participant. Should you be interested to join the group discussion please get in touch at

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