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SOLAS-compliant superyacht tender in build

Beiderbech Designs has designed a limousine tender to comply with SOLAS regulations…

The reluctance to include SOLAS lifeboats on a superyacht build typically stems from the fact that brightly-coloured lifeboats positioned in the superstructure have a negative impact on the styling of a yacht, consume large areas of deck space and add weight. A key part of the Passenger Yacht Code – which has now been replaced by the Red Ensign Code (Part B) – was to allow vessels to be designed without SOLAS lifeboat provisions, offset against an enhanced survivability of the yacht itself in the form of enhanced resistance to fire and flooding.

But with many larger superyachts still required to be built with two SOLAS lifeboats, some manufacturers have been seeking ways to create a lifeboat to satisfy the legislative requirements while also doubling as a practical tender for guest transportation and watersports purposes. As lifeboats are traditionally bulky and agricultural in appearance, the aim would be to create lifeboats that comply with regulations, double up as comfortable guest tenders and match the style of the mother ship.

Beiderbech Designs has designed a limousine tender to comply with SOLAS regulations that also acts as a comfortable tender for superyacht guests

This is the ethos behind one new tender on the market: Beiderbech Designs has designed a limousine tender to comply with SOLAS regulations that also acts as a comfortable tender for superyacht guests. The exterior shape has little in common with a classic lifeboat and, with a white structure and dark-tinted and hemispheric windows, embodies a modern superyacht tender. Two units are already under construction at Knierim Yachtbau shipyard in Kiel.

At 11m in length, 3.25m in width and 2.4m in height, the dimensions mean that the tender can fit into a more compact space. The minimised height not only makes the tender sleeker in appearance but is more practical for yacht designers – the typical installation height of a lifeboat and davit can be in excess of the typical between-deck height, therefore impacting more than one deck.

The Beiderbech tender has a range of 200 nautical miles and two Volvo Penta D4-300 engines, also SOLAS certified, can accelerate it to a top speed of more than 30 knots, making it suitable for watersports activities.

The stringent SOLAS safety compliance is certified by GL Germanischer Lloyd. In tender mode, it can carry 15 people on board and 38 in case of emergency. For larger yachts, a 13m rescue tender is being planned, which will be able to bring 50 people to safety. This larger version will also be built at Knierim.

During The Superyacht Forum 2018, held from 12-14 November in Amsterdam, a team of designers, builders and technical experts will explore what we can learn from the cruise ship industry, from a technology, build, OPEX, operational and marketing perspective. To find out more and see the rest of the programme, click here

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SOLAS-compliant superyacht tender in build


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