After unveiling its modular surface mooring structure concept, Seafloatech has confirmed that a new commercial cooperation agreement has been signed with French mooring solution company, Perfect Mooring for the promotion of marine floating modules in France and Italy.

Devised to prohibit excessive anchoring, Seafloatech is a modular surface mooring structure that is designed to leave little impact on the seabed, and is even said to be entirely reversible. So far, Seafloatech has created the first prototype of the system, which has been moored off the South of France for the last six months as a trial period.

The company, which was set up by Lionel Pean, is said to share the same philosophies as Perfect Moorings, including preserving the seabed, respecting ecosystems and having a 360-degree vision of the evolutions of practices in the maritime sector. While this technology has been developed to cater a number of maritime activities, Seafloatech has put forward concepts that have been designed specifically for superyachts within its portfolio.


“Seafloatech, is a developer of innovative solutions designed to accompany the change in coastal uses while respecting the challenges of ecology, safety and the need to rationalise marine spaces, has naturally approached Perfect Mooring to complete their offer in these new markets,” says Pean. “Their commercial competence makes them an essential partner and an asset in the structure of our commercial network."

Having claimed the revered Marin high-tech award for innovation in 2019, the Seafloatech platform is connected to the seabed via a singular fixed mast, and can be designed to offer a number of moorings in that space. With the use of pistons, the platform also works to counteract wave motions while stabilising the surface module. In addition to convenience, sustainability and protection of the flora and fauna is a core focus for Seafloatech.

The new Seafloatech technology is an example of the fantastic sustainable innovations coming through in the maritime industry, supporting the growing focus on alleviating its strain on the environment.

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