The growing integration of control and stabilisation technology on board yachts has led to significant improvements in performance, manoeuvrability and comfort. So much so that stabilisers are now considered a necessity, rather than a luxury, in the yachting community.

Founded in 2005, CMC Marine has grown and strengthened its position as a market leader in the production of control and stabilisation systems for yachts and passenger boats over 30m in length. The company’s innovative, flexible and reliable product portfolio includes some of the most sophisticated electric fin stabilisers, steering systems, thrusters and intruders on the market.

This includes the Stabilis Electra range, the world’s first electrically-actuated – as opposed to hydraulic – stabilisation system and one of the brand’s flagship products for the superyacht market, as well as its Directa steering systems, Dualis thrusters and TRIM intruders, all of which are electrically-actuated. 

The brand’s ethos of integrating the latest generation technology and innovative design has been central to CMC Marine’s success. “Technological developments move very fast, so we are constantly innovating and making our systems more sophisticated, which allows us to deliver more features and value to our clients,” explains Alessandro Gallifuoco, marine business development manager at CMC Marine.

“We are now able to integrate all of our equipment and systems – stabilisers, thrusters, steering systems and intruders – into a single platform with a strong software backbone so that all systems can be operated together.”

“For example, we are now able to integrate all of our equipment and systems – stabilisers, thrusters, steering systems and intruders – into a single platform with a strong software backbone so that all systems can be operated together. This allows the optimisation of the components and delivers greater benefits for the clients in terms of performance, manoeuvrability and comfort, as well as for builders in terms of space saving and ease of installation.”

The latest addition to CMC Marine’s product range is the intruder – the perfect complement to the Stabilis Electra for total platform control. Built-up out of stainless steel, it requires minimal power to quickly control roll and pitch.

Another recent development by CMC is Waveless, a range of new electric and ultra-compact stabilisers for yachts from 12 to 40m, which uses the same technology as Stabilis Electra, but re-engineered into a smaller, more compact machine. “We have always been present in the superyacht market, developing products for yachts from 30 to 70m,” continues Gallifuoco. “But, as technology has moved forward, the increased availability of electrical components has enabled us to offer the same technology to much smaller yachts, which is why we created Waveless. It is a product range for the broader market of smaller vessels but with uncompromising performance.” 

Being close to the end customer is one of the cornerstones of the corporate philosophy of CMC Marine, and at the heart of this is its rapidly-expanding service centre network, which spans the world from the United States to New Zealand, from the Caribbean to the Far East region. This network has been established both to support its clients and create opportunities for the company. “We need to be able to serve our clients around the world, but it is also an enabler of new business,” says Gallifuoco. “CMC’s systems are so reliable, there is not much maintenance or failures for these service centres to deal with, so what is really driving profit for them is the ability to sell our systems for retrofit projects.”

As a result of its innovative and performance-driven product development, CMC Marine has established strong relationships with 13 of the world’s top 20 superyacht builders, to which it sells the majority of its systems and actively works with on both new build and refit projects. The company continues to innovate and pursue the integration of its control and stabilisation systems for the benefit of yacht builders and owners.

Images: Waveless stabiliser series; Arcadia Sherpa equipped with CMC products; Holterman X-treme equipped with CMC products

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