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Communication is critical

The superyacht industry goes mobile during lockdown…and beyond?

The superyacht industry excels in the field of technology in many ways. However, in terms of communication and project management during the production, refit and maintenance of a vessel, it has been noted that, sometimes, there are still delays – many of which are due to either long-winded email chains or pending approvals.

For certain projects, this delay will be felt much more at present due to the lack of onsite access, and thus the lack of communication regarding updates to the vessels. Fortunately, there are solutions in place to make this period more seamless, and to make project management a far less time-consuming process.

Pinpoint Works is a worklist management software using an interactive General Arrangement, and the eponymous company that created it has seen a notable increase in enquiries over the past two months from all sectors of the industry. It is one succinct, user-friendly platform to replace numerous Excel Spreadsheets, email chains, attachment versions and WhatsApp Groups, and its popularity is quickly increasing as the industry is currently under pressure to go mobile due to a displaced workforce.

"We’ve got a huge amount of our customers and potential customers based in Europe at the moment, mainly under refit periods, and in the last two months since the lockdown started in Europe we have had double the amount of interest in comparison to normal. This has come from people that can’t get out and be at work, so they’re looking for ways they can better themselves and improve, as well as streamline, their management,” began Stuart Boyd, Pinpoint Works.

“Over the last two years we’ve developed the software, which previously allowed worklist management for a yacht to use internally, but now you can also share and give access to third parties, with security restrictions; for example, to a shipyard to help with quoting or managing refit works. The shipyard can then use the software as a documentation and communication tool between parties.

“We’ve recently had more interest than normal from yacht management and owners representatives, to streamline communication in the absence of being onsite. Instead, they can visually see the vessel and the updates via the software...” - Stuart Boyd, Business Development Manager - Pinpoint Works

“We’ve recently had more interest than normal from yacht management and owners representatives, to streamline communication in the absence of being onsite. Instead, they can visually see the vessel and the updates via the software,” Boyd continued.  

Down to the minute details of a vessel, and in accordance with its name, the software can pinpoint the exact location for a visual reference of every task to be completed, and allows the upload of photos, videos, voice, 360 images and documents. “This allows for the yacht manager to easily click ‘approved’, and therefore, the communication is cut down by double or triple, as the documents they require accessing are in one place, with date stamps and photo evidence.”

This cloud-based software can be accessed via desktop browser, mobile browser or native iOS and Android apps, and is possibly of most interest to the industry right now, as it allows for transparency of a project regarding pending tasks and approvals that are yet to be provided, and it can be shared with third parties if necessary, keeping the entire supply chain in the loop.

A demonstration can be found here:

In order for the superyacht industry to meet the time-optimised expectation of a new breed of clients, it must utilise the technology that this generation will be so familiar with. Work, communication and creation have carried on as normal for many throughout this global crisis thanks to the internet and innovative software, highlighting further the necessity of these tools.

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Communication is critical


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