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Bond TM announces partnership with Poppy

Technology focussed pathogen sensing and detection network monitors air and surfaces for COVID-19…

Bond Technology Management announces strategic partnership with Poppy, a pathogen sensing and security system. This partnership aims to create a network of detection that monitors both air and surfaces for COVID-19 and more than 1000 other pathogens. The partnership is the next step in onboard health-related services for Bond Technology Management and presents a technology focused system for monitoring health.  

There has been a glut of solutions targeting COVID-19 and other pathogens on superyachts in response to the pandemic, with varying levels of success. The nature of onboard operations, the diverse migratory patterns and the high number of different people coming on board, present a challenging situation irrespective of a global pandemic. When coupled with the potential severity of an onboard outbreak, superyachts and the people that inhabit them presents a challenging health dynamic. 

Poppy maps and monitors the movement and identity of 1000+ health-related organisms in the air, including the COVID-19 virus and its variants, food-borne bacteria, multi-drug resistant bacteria, moulds, and pests. Poppy tracks the presence of pathogens using patent-pending DNA barcode technology and provides an updated data stream comparing the levels of pathogens detected, theoretically alleviating the guesswork surrounding air filters and purifier performance. Poppy’s early detection is designed to ensure operational continuity with action and communication plans and access to infection prevention and control experts.

Will Faimatea, director of Bond Support Services, highlights the origin of the partnership: “From 2018, one of Bond’s focuses has been the importance of air purification systems on-board superyachts. Bond and Poppy are utilising Poppy’s cutting-edge technology for the early detection of COVID – 19 and other pathogens by harnessing Bond’s expertise and reputation in the Yachting industry.”  

The San Francisco based Poppy, who have traditionally focused on land-based spaces, have decided on Bond TM as its partner for entry into the superyacht market. As Sam Molyneux, Co-CEO of Poppy adds:  “As the world reopens, Poppy’s devices and data have lowered pathogen risks in offices, factories, and airports. Whether it’s the COVID virus, the flu, harmful moulds, or food-borne bacteria like salmonella, Poppy’s system is always on guard, monitoring and mapping the effectiveness of air systems.  Poppy’s partnership with Bond allows us to bring this protection to ships, where infections at sea can be especially consequential.”

Will Faimatea and the team from Bond TM, Molyneux, and Poppy co-founder Elizabeth Caley will be at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021 to showcase the technology and the partnership.  

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