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The Superyacht Buyer Report

The primary reference tool for buyer best practice and due diligence…

On behalf of The Superyacht Group, I am personally very proud to introduce to you the inaugural edition of The Superyacht Buyer Report.

Proud, because of the role I’ve played in its conception, but prouder still of what we’ve produced. With the help of the industry’s finest minds and most astute advisors, and with intelligence of our own market analysts, I firmly believe we have produced the industry’s primary objective reference tool for any buyer entering the superyacht market, and their advisory teams.

This issue would, ordinarily, represent our ‘boat show’ issue. But with the complete collapse of the industry calendar, and a marketplace hamstrung by physical viewing restrictions that the industry is yet to effectively navigate, we had to evaluate the purpose of our premier issue this year. 

The topics of ‘diligent ownership’ and ‘industry best practice’ have long been the dominant discourses here at The Superyacht Group. But, with the machinations of the market thrown into chaos by Covid, we wondered how we could help.

For us, the answer was not to jump on the virtual boat show bandwagon, which whether it will have its place in the future is up for serious debate. So instead, we decided to do what we do best – create a point of reference for buyers who are trying to navigate these challenging market conditions; a guide to every step of their journey, from their exploration of the market to the delivery of their new vessel.

So, what does this report contain? Well, it has two foundational pillars.

The Superyacht Buyer Journey comprises 16 sequential chapters outlining the journey, from project conception to delivery. We invited over 40 of the advisors we respect most, and whose experience spans every sector of the industry, to outline their best practice at each step of this process.

The Superyacht Market Reports are a series of detailed intelligence reports profiling the current fleet landscape segmented into niche buyer sectors. These eight market reports will highlight nuances and fluctuations within each segment to assist a buyer with their investment decision. Utilising robust data, and the industry’s strongest team of analysts, we present a clear picture of which stakeholders are performing well, and consistently, while identifying the brands and builds that represent true value for money for a client. 

Harking back to my opening gambit, I would like to reiterate my pride in what we have produced. While the Superyacht Group is a commercial entity we have tried to present an objective overview of the market, with no airbrushing of the facts or statistics.

Our industry continues to battle historical horror stories and negative publicity that discourages many UHNWIs from dipping their toe into yachting. There is plenty of rhetoric knocking around about ‘transparency’, and there has been for many years. What we have tried to achieve with this report is a clear and honest appraisal of what faces a buyer, through both empirical data, and the knowledge and experience of a trusted network of experts. 

On that note, I would like to thank each and every one of our expert contributors, all of whom tolerated my harassment throughout the summer lockdown period, for collaborating on such a cogent and candid guide to ownership due diligence. I really have enjoyed this ‘journey’ and hope it will support future clients in theirs.

As a testament to the integrity of this report, we have made it free for anyone to download. You can access it by clicking here.

If you have found this report of use, we have an archive of quality content stretching back three decades, and available to subscribers. You can sign up by clicking here.

Our Superyacht Market Reports have been created by Superyacht Intelligence, our team of in-house market analysts. With insight and data spanning every sector of the industry, the team is available to support the most bespoke strategic requests. If you are seeking unrivalled insight into a segment of the market, click here to download a free report outlining the scope of our services.  

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The Superyacht Buyer Report


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