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The Superyacht Buyer Sentiment Index

How confident are you of the superyacht market's recovery?

As the industry maps its route to recovery, The Superyacht Agency’s Intelligence division has begun to note the first shoots of market activity – shoots that we hope grow into powerful routes from which the industry can rebuild its foundations.

But enough of the mixed metaphors; after a quarter where none of the major metrics moved at all, the last six weeks have indicated an upturn in activity across the industry’s core transactional markets. Our editorial team too, has been speaking to the industry top advisors, asset managers and CSPs ahead of the publication of The Superyacht Buyer Report, and anecdotal evidence is that client enquiries are beginning in earnest again.

However, the industry is a complex and interconnected network of businesses and services with many facets, and the confidence across its spectrum of sectors that transactions, both B2B and B2C, are taking place is the ultimate barometer for the state of the market.

The industry’s traditional marketplace, the autumn show season, has been curtailed and thus, the market will invigorate itself in new, and we hope, innovative ways. Yes, there are virtual alternatives, which serve their own purpose, but with The Superyacht Buyer Report our focus is to educate, inform and guide buyers on the journey and to understand how to approach the market and to know what questions to ask.

Part of this process is to bring some empirical clarity to the market’s confidence for the months ahead. Without the opportunity for general patter at the shows – something along the lines of ‘how’s business?’ ‘I can honestly say, it’s the best it’s ever been.’ – we will be inviting all sectors of the industry to succinctly share their confidence for the months ahead, with this simple five-click survey. The more of you that anonymously contribute to The Superyacht Buyer Sentiment Index, the clearer the picture we will paint of the industry’s path ahead. Yes, we are an industry bound by confidentiality, but this is an opportunity for everyone to offer an honest appraisal of the true state of the market, which ultimately, is better for all of us.

Buyer sentiment index 2020

Buyer sentiment index 2020

What is your role in the superyacht market?

Other (please specify)

Where are you based?

Are you/your client currently looking to undertake any of the following?

If so, in which size segment does this fall?

In your professional experience, and based on your current research, does the current market dynamic favour the buyer or seller?

Briefly explain why you gave your answer to the previous question

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The Superyacht Buyer Sentiment Index


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