In the latest edition of The Superyacht Report, we look further afield from the ‘classic’ superyacht destinations and examine the myriad of emerging markets that owners are reportedly exploring. Due to be published on 21 June, the report offers an unprecedented analysis of superyacht destinations around the world, illustrating migratory statistics in a clear and concise format, which finally conveys the true cruising habits of the superyacht fleet.
Within this new report, we are putting an end to mere speculation that owners are becoming more adventurous with their cruising habits by showcasing the most comprehensive and succinct data set ever published in the superyacht industry.
Using data provided by MarineTraffic, we examine the cruising patterns of superyachts over the last three years to illustrate how the fleet is distributed around the world. With a sample of more than 4,400 vessels, we have analysed and presented the data in an innate way to be useful and informative to our unique industry.
Looking at how these patterns will evolve, we look to upcoming events that may affect cruising over the next few years. Japan, for example, may not be considered a ‘traditional’ superyacht destination, but it is set to host the Rugby World Cup later this year and the Olympics in 2020 meaning that the country will be under the global spotlight and is set to attract thousands of visitors. For superyacht owners looking to visit in the near future, we sat down with Nigel Beatty, chairman of the Asia Pacific Superyacht Association, to discuss what to expect when cruising there and the regulatory preparations to sort in advance.
Additionally, The Americas Cup, which has always had a strong superyacht following, is set to take place in Auckland in 2021 giving owners a great opportunity to visit New Zealand. The Superyacht Report will outline the key considerations for owners looking to attend the event.
With the emergence of new superyacht markets, we will also examine how this affects the design process as vessels require capacity to do extensive voyages in harsher conditions. We will examine the current trend for explorer vessels and ask how necessary they actually are for this type of cruising.
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