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The perfect relationship

List GC on how the company manages the complex relationship between yard, designer and interior outfitter…

A superyacht new-build project is so complex and multifaceted in its execution that the myriad stakeholders contributing to its delivery will all insist that their role is so integral that they should be involved in a project from its inception.

However, one instance where this is definitely the case, is that of the interior outfitter, a pivotal role in any project but one that, due to NDAs and confidentiality agreements, is rarely discussed in detail. However, ask any top designer or shipyard project manager, and they will wholeheartedly agree that the interior outfitter should always be one of the inner circle at a project’s inception. Indeed, when asked about this, one of the industry’s top project managers confided, ‘One of the critical points for a shipyard is client management, because it’s different for every project. You can have an owner’s representative who has a very technical background, who may not have any appreciation of interiors… So, it must be managed very carefully. Communication is absolutely key, and establishing trust with people you’re working with is absolutely essential. And we work hard on this because the end product is so much better for it.’

The industry’s best interior outfitters, such as List GC, are responsible for some of the most complex, intricate, and spectacular interiors found in any space, anywhere in the world.

But to execute such incredible projects, while meeting budgetary and timing expectations, a sophisticated project management strategy must be employed as well as a strong line of communication with all relevant parties. During this process, List GC engineers try to obtain as much information as possible, contributing their technical expertise and craftsmanship to the process. Every detail is relevant: Where can the materials be acquired, what does the interplay of colours and forms look like, are special technical solutions required and which special surfaces must be custom made?

"We ask our project managers and their entire teams to think broadly, to have their project scope and results in focus, but at the same time, to create a base for any future cooperation; in essence, to invest into their human relations”, explains Head of Sales & Service, Christian Bolinger. “This could be with the owners and their teams, shipyards, designers, supplier, competitors or any other relevant participants.”

But even with the parameters of a project clearly defined, such a bespoke operation requires great flexibility and dynamism to adapt to any obstacles that may arise. List GC will coordinate the schedules of the various stakeholders, so they are symbiotic, from the complex supply chain of raw materials, to the designers’ drafts, it is about compartmentalising a multifaceted project into its manageable constituent parts.

“Our small industry is a people-driven one and its perimeters are defined, thus we believe it´s all about creating good relationships with all project stakeholders involved”, Bolinger adds. “It is often these relationships that allow us, mutually, to find solutions amid a complex process.

When summarising what it is that sets List GC apart, Bolinger is very clear – “the strength of the team”. He identifies the broad spectrum of skills - craftsmanship, engineering, and project management as just a few examples – as the reason the company has such a substantial portfolio of happy clients. “Such a base allows us to constantly push technical and quality boundaries, to develop innovative solutions together with and for the designers, ultimately leading to exciting new interiors."

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The perfect relationship


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