The 46m high-performance cruiser sloop Project 405, in build at Royal Husiman, has now been brought to life with a full-scale mock-up of the aft half of the yacht’s main deck. The aim of the mock-up was to explore, develop and optimise the design team’s conceptual ideas before construction started, and to ensure that the owners’ lifestyle objectives are totally integrated with the engineering, systems, construction and operational requirements for the project.

Team meetings in the mock-up, with all relevant parties on board, helped to identify opportunities and resolve potential issues relating to the use of space. The shipyard’s craftsmen subsequently enhanced the temporary structure based on the input from the owners and their design and build teams, consisting of owners’ representative Nigel Ingram of MCM Newport, Nauta Design, Reichel / Pugh, Bouwe Bekking and Royal Huisman.

“Building the 1:1 scale mock-up has proven to be a fundamental part of the design process, enabling the owners and their team of architects, designers and builders to fine tune the deck layout down to the smallest details with the greatest confidence,” comments Nigel Ingram.

Dutch professional race captain Bouwe Bekking, who represents the owners’ race team, adds; “No competitive yachtsman would enter a race without the utmost level of preparation. This full-scale mockup provides us with the opportunity to review how the design would work in regatta conditions. It delivers exceptional and very practical value as a design tool, and has given the project’s design process the ultimate edge for regatta success. But without sacrificing her cruising side: we found the perfect match!”

The hull construction of Project 405, or 'Reichel / Pugh - Nauta 151', commenced earlier this month. “To combine comfort and safety to explore the world with an extremely lightweight yacht to be competitive with carbon composite superyachts in regattas wasn’t an easy task,” says Mario Pedol of Nauta Design. “Our early intuition was that an aluminium construction sailing yacht could be much lighter than the existing aluminium fleet. Royal Huisman supported this vision with enthusiasm and accepted the challenge. Extensive research work and calculations, confirmed our initial thought.”

Further information about the high-performance cruiser sloop remains undisclosed at this moment, but more updates can be expected towards her delivery in 2022.

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