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Infiniti 105 concept features Dynamic Stability foil

Design Unlimited discusses the new range of designs and explains the benefits of Dynamic Stability foils…

Desgin Unlimited has unveiled a new range of designs for Infiniti Yachts, featuring both interior design and exterior styling by the studio. Infiniti Yachts are designed around the patented Dynamic Stability (DS) lateral foil. The technology offers a displacement lower than any other comparable yacht, as well as noise reduction and reduced heeling and pitching. These yachts are also lighter, with more righting moment, making for a yacht that it easier to sail, faster and more comfortable when underway.

“We're really excited to be at the forefront of this innovative and dynamic design technology,” comments Mark Tucker of Design Unlimited. “More efficient, faster and more comfortable, we genuinely believe these designs can revolutionise the performance and cruising market.” 

The Infiniti 105 is the one over-30m design of the new range, and is reflective of DS foil as a concept that is growing in interest in the sailing world and gradually filtering into the superyacht industry. Currently in build, for example, the carbon composite Baltic 142 custom sloop will be equipped with a Dynamic Stability System foil. 

From a design perspective – contrary to what might be initially thought – incorporating a DS foil on a superyacht is not challenging, and there is actually a key benefit to having a foil as opposed to a lifting keel. “The foil is under the floor in all the size ranges that we have developed,” Tucker explains. “For example, on the 105 and 85, we don’t need to have a large keel box in the middle of the accommodation for a lifting keel to reduce draft, so we actually have a space gain in the key area of the interior.” 

“Excessive heel is one thing that many people are uncomfortable with on board sailing yachts, so this system really does work well for comfort on board..."

Furthermore, other benefits of these designs include increased stability in the way of reduction of heel and pitching, meaning more comfortable cruising and life on board. “Excessive heel is one thing that many people are uncomfortable with on board sailing yachts, so this system really does work well for comfort on board,” Tucker adds.

The Infiniti 105 has two bow options available: a reverse bow – which has a more race-orientated and progressive feel, and a more traditional, vertical bow. Various seating options are available in the cockpit, designed to best suit how the owner spends time on board  – one arrangement is more suited to cruising and the other offers more open space for ease of crew movement when competing.

The exterior styling of the glass superstructure aims to echo the curves of the Infiniti Yachts’ logo. The main saloon seating is positioned beneath this, which allows for an influx of natural light to the interior. This arrangement also eradicates the traditional corridor which leads through the saloon and thus creates a more social space. On the Infiniti 105, accommodation is for six guests in three cabins.

In terms of the kind of client that might be interested in these designs, Tucker believes there is no set profile. “The benefits it brings are both good for long-distance cruising and also the occasional superyacht regatta,” he concludes. “All the designs that we have developed for Infiniti take this multi-function use into consideration, and so appeals to a wide audience. If an owner wants to target one particular type of sailing, then the design can be further developed around their specific needs.”


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Infiniti 105 concept features Dynamic Stability foil


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