On Day 1 of the The Superyacht Marketing Forum, Petros Michelidakis, director of boot Düsseldorf, will join a panel discussion about the future of boat shows. The session will explore and debate the future of boat shows, the return on investment combined with the customer experience and how the industry can improve the overall value proposition and success of these key events.

While the world is becoming better connected and doing more business remotely, many in the industry believe there is no substitute for meeting potential clients and business partners face to face and for yachts and products to be seen in person – a brochure or online virtual tour just isn’t the same. “For shipyards and other exhibitors, boat shows are important sales platforms that add success to their marketing and sales strategies,” explains Michelidakis, who will join other panelists to discuss the evolving role of boat shows.

With an ever-increasing list of shows on the superyacht calendar, the discussion will also question what organisers need to do to keep their event relevant. Boat shows can sometimes look and feel identical, with too many trying to cater for everyone and everything instead of taking a more targeted approach. Show organisers should looking to manage the expectations of both exhibitors and visitors.

Join us at The Superyacht Market Forum at The Curtain, London from 3 to 4 December, 2019. Click here to find out more.

Image credit: Monaco Yacht Show

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