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Karmarine Shipyard, established in 2015 is located in Yalova Shipyard Zone. The construction, operation, purchase-sale, maintenance-repair-transformation services of all kinds of ships and marine vehicles and the purchase and sale services of all kinds of machinery equipments related to marine and energy sectors are provided in Karmarine Shipyard located on 104,850 m2 area. Karmarine also builds and maintains the Powership ships developed by Karpowership, which is an affiliate of Karadeniz Holding and is located in the global energy market.

In addition to the main activities described above, KARMARINE also provides engineering and technical consultancy services for maintenance, repair and conversion of ships; and a strong technical staff is always available for these services.

• Karmarine Shipyard has an area of 9,000 m² for manufacturing and maintenance.
• There is a closed area of 12,000 m² in Karmarine Shipyard.
• The shipyard has a shipbuilding capacity of 59,400 DWT/year.
• The skid capacity is 196 m long and 50 m wide; it can be built, maintained and repaired.
• The shipyard is capable of producing offshore type vessels and platforms.
• There are 2 piers at the shipyard. The pier no. 1 is 300 m x 17 m and The pier no. 2 is 200 m x 18 m.


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Karmarine Shipyard launches 146m semi-submersible conversion OK

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