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Tiger Tugs was born out of necessity as a solution for moving and handling very expensive helicopters. We have designed vehicles for civilian and military applications as well as for loading cargo aircraft. We placed one of our tugs on a well-known superyacht to bring its helicopter in and out of its large hangar. Because of our reputation for designing custom solutions we were commissioned by another superyacht owner to design a helicopter tug to pick up his helicopter, turn it sideways and walk it into the hangar sideways. That became our Typhoon Tug. Remember when you were told to put your toys away? Nothing’s changed, we have your answer! We have a reputation for producing the highest quality and easiest to use helicopter tugs in the market. All our designs are wireless remote control so they are an easy one-person operation. We powder-coat our frames and use stainless-steel hardware for improved corrosion protection in salt-air environments. Come talk to us as we have the perfect solution for moving your helicopters, tenders, submarines or other toys.



2895 SW 13th St.


Name:Scott Mills
Tel:+1 541-585-4041

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