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We are a group of highly dynamic, creative and experienced United States Government contractors, ready to go that extra mile to create premium life support items for our customers.

Our commitment to product design and quality is the reason why our clients choose us.

We set out to lift the standards of protection afforded by immersion suits and created the Arctic 10+, a revolutionary approach to not only meeting compliance standards but ensuring users survive in the most challenging conditions.

White Glacier is revolutionizing Hypothermia Protection.




Cerro Gordo Industrial Park
Intersection of Rt. 183 and Rt. 916
San Lorenzo
PR 00754


Tel:001 8557745224

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Image for White Glacier releases the Arctic 10+ immersion suit

White Glacier releases the Arctic 10+ immersion suit

White Glacier has raised the bar with an immersion suit that offers unparalleled protection and comfort 


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Arctic 25 immersion suit

White Glacier introduces the Arctic 25 immersion suit which offers more than 25 hours of hypothermia protection. It is donnable in less than one minute, has fou…

Press Release 26 Feb 2016

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