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VEEM Propellers lead the world in high performance propeller manufacturing, exporting thousands of high quality & custom designed propellers. VEEM offers precision, perfection & performance, boasting patented technologies that optimize the speed, smoothness & efficiency of their propellers. With over 50 years behind them means an intimate understanding of programming, machining & manufacturing that has been perfected to ensure quality & efficiency. VEEM propellers are fully CNC machined to guarantee unparalleled performance. VEEM Interceptor™ fitted propellers are at the forefront of fixed pitch propeller technology around the world, allowing users to ‘Splash & Forget™’ their boats by providing adjustments to the relative pitch of their installed propellers without having to lift the boat from the water.  

VEEM Gyrostabilizers are powerful, high quality, roll stabilization devices specifically engineered for use on large boats & small ships, delivering 20% more efficient stabilizing torque than its closest competitors. With single unit installation options on larger yachts due to larger stabilizing torque, this Gyro range allows you to experience the highest quality of comfort available with no dry docking. 



Head Office
22 Baile Rd
Canning Vale
Western Australia


Name:Paul Steinmann
Tel:+61 43407 1092

News summary

Image for How much stability do we really need?

How much stability do we really need?

Stability is the new metric by which vessel performance will be judged…


Image for VEEM scores double gyro stabiliser success

VEEM scores double gyro stabiliser success

Contracts with Damen Shipyards and Freire Shipyard represent a breakthrough for the Australian manufacturer’s tech…


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