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The first to see tomorrow, in a landscape millions of years old; New Zealand via superyacht serves up a healthy dose of adventure in one of the world's great natural playgrounds. With infrastructure to act as a refit and charter hub for yachts cruising the South Pacific, New Zealand is a base as well as a cruising destination. 



79 - 85 Westhaven Drive


Name:Stacey Cook
Tel:+64 9 376 1300

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Superyacht New Zealand

Centralised information hub for the region to launch at the Palma Superyacht Cup…


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Where surprise is just around the corner

Diverse. That’s the way superyacht captain Matt Lovett sums up cruising New Zealand, and he would know. The lifelong sailor has had a 25 year career in th…

Press Release 26 Oct 2022

Superyacht New Zealand launches to the world

The world’s superyacht playground is in the palm of your hands. Superyacht New Zealand will launch to the world at the Superyacht Cup Palma; cruising and

Press Release 13 Jul 2022

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