As the superyacht fleet expands, it is clear that demand for berthing in popular superyacht hubs is only going to increase. Many marinas around the Mediterranean are investing heavily in facilities, services and variable berthing options in order to set themselves apart in the market and, as such, the standard of superyacht marinas is on the rise.

The Superyacht Agency is conducting a market-perception survey, in collaboration with OneOcean, to garner the industry’s overall perception of the Barcelona-based marina, as well as better understand the decision-making process behind superyacht berthing.

The survey is asking captains, first officers, owners, owners’ representatives, family offices, yacht managers and brokers to share their views on the Mediterranean marinas they have had experience with, their awareness of OneOcean, its overall market position and what they see as the future of superyacht berthing.

The Superyacht Agency is very interested in hearing your candid thoughts. As a gesture of thanks, all survey participants will be entered into a prize draw to win a GoPro Hero7 Silver or one of three £20 Amazon vouchers. As well as this, all participants will receive a complimentary six-month subscription to The Superyacht Report.

To take the short survey, please click here.

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