Today the Water Revolution Foundation (WRF) has released its code of conduct, a document that is being released with 10 action points towards sustainability that members of the industry can sign. After the successful launch of its Yacht Assessment Tool at The Superyacht Forum, which educates users of the impact of the certain choices they are making, this code of conduct aims to encourage an industry-wide shift towards sustainability.

SuperyachtNews spoke exclusively to one of the co-founders of WRF, Robert van Tol, to discuss the inspiration behind the code of conduct and to discuss what the Foundation hope to achieve with this document. “We were inspired by the UN’s 17 sustainability goals”, he explained. “We want to align the superyacht industry with the current global trend and agenda.”

This is a symbolic moment for the sustainability movement as it is the first industry-wide code of conduct along such lines. “We’re trying to tackle this from the top down,” van Tol continued.

WRF is looking for key industry stakeholders, that hold the most influence, to sign up to this code. “By signing up you are agreeing to a collective approach, to making a change that will ultimately benefit the environment. Looking at the sixth point for example, if people at the top are demanding sustainable solutions, the industry is going to have to adapt.”

One notable element of the code of conduct is point number three, which encourages people to consider the ocean as key to business, instead of simply approaching it from a philanthropic angle. “Without the ocean there is no yachting” he added.

Van Tol also highlighted point number eight, which addresses the superyacht industry’s reluctance to share knowledge and information. “It’s seen as a competitive advantage; however, this can ultimately be detrimental to the industry. When someone else gets a research and development budget for example, they may waste time researching things that have already be found which isn’t helpful to anyone.”

Members of the superyacht industry are invited to sign the Water Revolution Foundation code of conduct at The Superyacht Design Forum which will take place from 12th – 14th May at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.

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