The UK Government has announced that all new vessels for UK waters ordered from 2025 should be designed with zero-emission capable technologies, as instructed by Maritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani, in an effort to reduce and eventually cut pollution from the country’s maritime sector.

“Our maritime sector is vital to the success of the UK’s economy,” commented Ghani. “But, it must do everything it can to reduce emissions, improve air quality and tackle climate change.”

SuperyachtNews spoke to Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine, who informed us that “protecting and conserving our oceans is high on the national agenda and very much on ours too. It’s crucial we recognise the responsibility our industry has on tackling environmental issues head on.”

When considering what impact the Clean Maritime Plan will have on the superyacht industry, Robinson commented, “There is an increasing number of superyacht owners across the globe seeking to improve the impact their yachts have on our world. The Clean Maritime Plan set by the UK Government is intended to impact all vessels operating in UK waters, including superyachts, who will now be expected to maximise their use of energy efficient options.”

“There is an increasing number of superyacht owners across the globe seeking to improve the impact their yachts have on our world" - Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine

The future of superyacht design may be directly impacted by the plan, as Robinson explains. “All superyachts being ordered for use in the UK water may potentially have to be designed with zero emission propulsion capability in 2025.”

Further to the Governments Clean Air Strategy, which aims to decrease air pollution across all sectors, the Clean Maritime Plan has also been put in place for the benefit of public health and the environment.

 The Clean Air Strategy is set to help deliver the UK’s commitment to be net zero on greenhouse gases by 2050, while the new Clean Maritime Plan is part of the Government’s Maritime 2050 strategy, which was published in January 2019.

 An interesting initiative for the maritime industry to consider, is the £1 million competition to find innovative ways of reducing maritime emissions, which will accompany a call for evidence to reduce emissions on UK waterways and domestic vessels.

“The Clean Maritime Plan sets an ambitious vision for the sector and opens up exciting opportunities for innovation,” noted Ghani. “It will help make the UK a global hub for new green technologies in the maritime sector,” he concluded.

Next year, the Government will focus on the shipping industry, whereby it will look next year at ways to incentivise the transition to zero-emission.

A further consultation to increase the uptake of low carbon fuels will also take place next year.

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