At the Monaco Yacht Show, SuperyachtNews sat down with Pier Posthuma De Boer, director of Refit & Services division at Feadship, to discuss one of the shipyard's newer departments and find out what they currently have in development.

“We aim to focus on the lifetime support of the fleet”, says De Boer, “the delivery of this division has been well-received by operators and managers of superyachts. We started this service network to assist all existing Feadships with their refit and maintenance works, and we’re looking to gain more structural understanding from the yards and build a larger network of locations.”

Alongside this, they are creating an authenticity certification for the hundreds of Feadships that are currently out there. A concept they are currently developing is an application that completes an overall assessment of the status of a vessel examining the quality of maintenance it has received since purchase. “We have a team made up of various project managers, design engineers and refit salespersons that, with the application in development, could go on board with an iPad and set questions to evaluate the whole boat and map out the quality of the maintenance. The survey and certificate is intended for owner and could say that 80 per cent of the boat is still Feadship for example,” he explains.

This scheme provides an owner with a sense of how authentic their Feadship vessel is. “Taking the resale prospects into consideration too, a high score could increase resale value” he continues. Feadship is currently in the process of sharing this with the market, and De Boer reports that they have received a significant amount of requests.

One vessel that has already been surveyed by the Feadship team is 44.2m Moon Sand, which is currently for sale. “She scored the highest possible score that a vessel could get. The quality of the vessel is so high that we’re offering the purchaser a one-year Feadship warranty.”

Feadship is considering doing this for many boats as well as advising on how to improve quality, offering warranty as a reward. “The idea is still being developed but it's a first step into the line of warranties and could be an attractive proposition to potential buyers to get a five-year old Feadship with a one-year warranty. It should add confidence to a potential buyer. If you buy a Feadship, not only is the build process good, but you can also relax about everything that happens afterwards in the knowledge that Feadship has your back” he continues.

De Boer is pleased with the recent steps taken by the Dutch shipyard: “It’s nice to see that we’ve broadened the type of work that were doing, we used to focus on the big re-builds in the Netherlands, now we’re seeing newer Feadships coming back for their regular maintenance works.”

More news on Feadship and other shipyards attending this year’s Monaco Yacht show can be found here.

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