Today marks an important moment in the history of The Superyacht Group, as the 200th issue of The Superyacht Report is published. Within the pages of the latest edition, we focus on the symbiosis of business strategy and sustainability within the superyacht industry.

In line with the key theme of the issue, William Mathieson has conducted an exclusive interview with Peter Lürssen, who is setting an example for the rest of the industry with his philanthropic sustainability initiative. Over the past year he has been working on setting up an endowment fund for the future stability of the Ascension Islands by helping to preserve its local fish stocks.

A new addition to The Superyacht Report’s features is a selection of regional reports on the South of France and Monaco. Using data provided by The Superyacht Agency alongside information gathered from conversations with some of the key industry stakeholders within the region, we investigate the strength of the region as a key yachting hub and how it is set to evolve in the future. From infrastructure to ownership cycles we question how the region will maintain its strong position within the market over the next few years?

Keeping the future in mind, The Superyacht Report looks towards the next generation of owners with an interview with 32-year-old superyacht owner Lucas Silva, whose age means he could potentially remain in the industry for several decades, about the ways in which he feels the industry needs to change in order to ensure future prosperity.

Georgia Boscawen also heads to Norway to view the REV Ocean project, meet the team behind the project and understand more about the owner’s vision for using the vessel to conduct scientific research. Could this be reflective of the changing demands of owners?

Another interesting example of a successful ownership model is the story behind Lady Britt and the way a superyacht became an effective revenue source. Rory Jackson spoke with her captain, Patrick Cowley, about the business model that has made Lady Britt one of the most successful chartered superyachts on the market. 

These interviews are complemented by a series of reports into some of the key discussions that took place at The Superyacht Forum, which have a special focus on the emergence of new and more sustainable technologies that affect most elements of the superyacht experience - from the development of efficient propulsion systems to the durability of various paint methods.

The Superyacht Sustainability Report is available online now, click HERE to access a downloadable copy.

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