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The Pacific Superyacht Report

The issue amalgamates the most pertinent themes from such an expansive and diverse region…

Out now, The Pacific Superyacht Report reaffirms the truly global scope of today’s superyacht fleet and the near-endless cruising possibilities that exist within the world’s largest and deepest ocean.

Spanning the Pacific Northwest to the Panama Canal, Japan to Singapore, as well as Oceania, the Pacific is so extensive that it would be near impossible to cover all of its superyacht ‘markets’ with authority in a single issue. However, this report has aimed to cover the most pertinent themes from such a fascinatingly diverse portion of the globe.

With one of the focuses being the North Pacific, this issue hears from Steve Sidwell, owner of 34m motoryacht Ascente, about the delights of cruising the Pacific Northwest, as well as several local stakeholders, to ascertain what comprises its unique charm.

“If I was coming up from Mexico, I would spend a couple of days in Vancouver because it really is a beautiful city,” advises Sidwell. “Then I’d go to Desolation Sound. It is a unique and beautiful area and has some of the warmest waters north of Mexico. Something that is an absolute must is the Great Bear Rainforest, where you have wildlife in abundance, waterfalls over black granite and 5,000ft mountains framing the fjords. Then, of course, you have to do Alaska... The combination of the British Columbian coast and Alaska really is the ultimate.”

Looking at the Asian market, we speak to Vripack’s Marnix Hoekstra, one of the first to design a blue-riband, Asian-owned superyacht, and a man well positioned to discuss the concept of designing for a regional market. This segment of the report also explores the current dynamics at play in the Chinese superyacht market from a buyer perspective, and assesses the potential that China and Hong Kong present to the superyacht industry as China’s billionaire population hits record numbers.  

In Oceania, we interview David Good and Peter Busfield, principals of Australia and New Zealand’s superyacht representative bodies respectively, and key players in the region’s development as a superyacht service and infrastructure hub. The report also shines a spotlight on Tahiti and Fiji, which have both seen their superyacht traffic grow during the pandemic and become beacons of best practice for managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Pacific Superyacht Report


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