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The Superyacht New Build Report

This first issue of the year comprises a succinct review of the state of the new-build market and its future trajectory…

The publishing of the The Superyacht New Build Report marks the start of a what is poised to be a more promising year for the superyacht industry. This year, at what feels like more of a juncture for the new-build market than any other, the issue places equal emphasis on the future and the past. So, while the first half of this report assesses what has been, the second half looks at where the market is and, crucially, where it is going. 

When ruminating on what to present to market in this new-build almanac, it had to be considered that the year under review has been anything but normal. With 2020 representing the most profound anomaly within our recent market reporting, it led the team to question the value of the traditional binary number-crunching.

Furthermore, the success of the recent Buyer Report, as an objective reference tool that can actually be utilised by client teams, led us to consider what would add genuine value to our readership in 2021. 

Therefore, in lieu of the traditional reams of data, a series of ‘shipyard business dossiers’ outline the facets of 20 elite-tier yacht-building organisations. These aim to serve as owner advisory tools that can assist teams with the due diligence process when commissioning their next project. We hope that these dossiers will allow buyers and advisors to contrast and compare builders based on the current state of play, while offering them purview over the new-build market as a whole.

Looking to the future, ‘The Superyacht Forecast’ segment of this issue hears from a cross-section of respected client representatives who offer their views on the future health of the industry. Coupled with these assertions is a more data-driven forecast that tracks the new-build fleet’s growth. And a wealth of historical new-build data has been utilised to identify precedents and trends that can help to track the market’s trajectory.

What The Superyacht New Build Report delivers is a comprehensive overview of global fleet activity, market performance and projected industry growth.

As a gesture of thanks to our loyal readership during the past year, we are offering everyone complimentary access to all of the content in this first issue of 2021.

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The Superyacht New Build Report


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