In a world where many technologies are being developed with the environment in mind; manufacturers of engines, machinery, cars, and array of other products in industry are turning towards electrical or hybrid solutions.

Wills Ridley are launching two brand new products that they hope will revolutionise superyacht and large commercial ship steering gear.

The ‘Orion’ & the ‘Atlantis’ electric rotary actuators have been designed in the UK which promise a ‘greener’ alternative to hydraulic steering gear and the electric linear Ball Screw Actuator.


The 'Orion' steering rotary actuator 

The Ball Screw Actuator has several limiting factors when complying with Classification Society rules such as a low tolerance to shock loading and difficulty bypassing the actuator as the ball screw and thread are usually mechanically fixed. It is common for electric ball screw actuator suppliers to use hydraulic auxiliary equipment in case of an emergency.

Both units are easily fitted to rudder stock and are welded to the hull to stop rotation - no hydraulic piping is required and no hydraulic oil.

The friction disc is designed to lift if the rudder experiences a shock load, the control system will then realign the rudders without the end user having to reset.


The 'Atlantis' steering rotary actuator

The units can be installed on multiple rudders and electrically synchronised. The systems have been designed as standard to have an output of approximately 10,000NM output torque. The rudder torques can be increased to suit each vessel by modifying the gears. Each unit will be designed to suit the respective vessel.

As awareness of our environmental impact increases we predict more technologies such as this to be developed over the next few years, the future of superyacht technologies will be discussed at The Superyacht Forum this year, click here to find out more information.

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