It may be among the most maligned sectors of the superyacht industry, when in actuality, it is among the least understood.
The satcomms market has had to adjust and adapt itself at a faster rate than any other, driven by cataclysmic developments in the last decade surrounding the AV and IT sectors.
This rapid rate of advancement has triggered a spike in demand for connectivity, driven itself by a proliferation in the number of personal devices now in use. This is no more apparent than on board superyachts, where there can literally be hundreds of devices on board at any one time – and all demanding a chunk of the limited available bandwidth.
Thus, satcomms providers are somewhat bemoaned for what is seen as an exponential increase in the cost of a service that is seen to be plateauing in the quality of its delivery.
Howver, I’ve always found this frustration to be somewhat misguided. It is near-unprecedented for a sector to have its market landscape changed so dramatically in such a short space of time.
The challenge for today’s satcomms companies is to find the perfect equilibrium between reliable, constant connectivity, and a price point that is agreeable to the customer, and competitive; no mean feat, I’m sure you’ll agree.
Of course, in pursuit of the Holy Grail, the providers need to fully understand the profile of their customer, and their intrinsic requirements. Only by gauging the views of their customers, can they mould and shape a service that meets the needs of today’s superyacht owner, their guests and their crew.
We are currently undertaking a research project whose objective is to paint a picture of the future of satcomms. And as part of the research methodology, we are seeking the thoughts of key stakeholders who are part of the decision-making process, and who play a role in the procurement of their connectivity packages. We want to hear what the most efficient yachts of today, as well as the yachts of tomorrow, expect from the satcomms sector.
Your thoughts will be greatly valued, and will help to shape the future of this key sector, ensuring the continued enjoyment for all on board.
Please click here to take part.The Superyacht Intelligence Agency understands the value of your feedback, and as a small gesture of thanks, there will be three £100 Amazon gift vouchers and four £50 Amazon gift vouchers awarded to participants, with the winners selected at random.

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