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Organising superyacht projects with Pinpoint Works

The programme is increasingly used on board to organise and manage new builds, refits and daily maintenance.…

Superyacht projects and on board operations are becoming increasingly organised, efficient and transparent. In order to help teams keep up with these demands, Pinpoint Works offers a programme using web and mobile apps to turn a yacht’s General Arrangement (GA) into a live, interactive platform through which the whole team can communicate.

The programme is being increasingly used on board yachts to organise and manage new builds, warranty periods, refits, paint surveys, day-to-day maintenance. It enables users to log items on the go and add information by uploading location pins, photos, videos, comments, status and priority level, which can be shared with any key personnel, including crew, management and contractors.

SuperyachtNews asked various crew and personnel to review the programme’s functionality on board, and their responses can be found below. 

Joel Saunders, bosun, MY Lady Lara: “Pinpoint Works was introduced on board Lady Lara shortly after the launch from the Lurssen shipyard in December last year, with the idea of helping various parties come to the ‘table’ in a virtual, online and working platform regarding warranty issues concerning the vessel.

“Pinpoint Works’ range of features such as photo and video sharing with allocated parties has helped us to get clearer answers and understandings from contractors across Europe; eliminating misunderstandings with language barriers. Now, after 12 months, the scope of work is slowly shifting on board, but Pinpoint Works still proves to be an effective and dynamic part of the day-to-day running of the vessel, not just in the build and warranty stages.

“With Pinpoint Works’ new app now launched, junior crew have had more accessibility and contribution to the developing work lists and defects on a weekly basis. All in all, I look forward to working more with Pinpoint Works and watch it grow and develop into what I think is ‘the essential on board application’.”

Jay de Villeneuve, second officer, MY Lady Lara: “The Pinpoint Works programme has been instrumental in recording, documenting and communicating different issues on board. It has primarily been used as a tool for warranty items but is now being used for work lists and even consumables. 

“Having access to a programme like this for our warranty period, which provides a central up-to-date account of all the issues, has allowed all parties involved access. It has cut down on miscommunications between departments, management shore side, contractors and the many others involved in this process. It has been a considerable timesaver and my inbox is not overloaded with endless email chains.

“With the ability to add photos, documents and comments, it has made this big task much more manageable. After using this programme for over a year I can highly recommend it to any big or small operation as it has simplified my workload and provides a great record that anyone can access in the future.” 

Mike Snooks, ETO, MY Lady Lara: “This has been my first encounter of using collaborative cloud-based work lists and I have definitely been very impressed with Pinpoint. The user interface is slick and intuitive and being able to tag locations and easily upload photos and other documents to points means you aren’t required to write as much, which saves time. Having all up-to-date information stored together and accessible to everyone has made the process of sharing warranty issues with the shipyard and colleagues much more efficient than exchanging emails and spreadsheets.”  

Donna Green, Y.CO’s director of project coordination: “Pinpoint Works is such a user-friendly obvious programme that is truly easy to use. The General Arrangement Plan (GAP) navigation works perfectly to guide you to the problems and the fact that people can all leave comments is great – it’s transparent and we love to work that way. It is organised and all in one place, which means it actually gets used. The colour coding is clear and the programme is not over-complicated. We have the management team, the shipyard and the crew all using it and now the owner’s office would like to have access.”

Paul Were, captain, MY Maraya: “I like the simplicity and ease of use of Pinpoint Works: it gives a great platform for documenting faults and works and then allowing an online point-by-point system of negotiating the action required and then monitoring the progress and final results. The ability to include parties that need to be aware of the point in question (on board departments, contractors, management, owners etc.), as well as adding in photos and documents and easily sort information with the tagging system, makes this simple tool very powerful. 

“I am in the process of making a Pinpoint report the central focus of our weekly planning meetings on board and I only see its use on board expanding as the crew become accustomed to documenting defects and works in this very simple and efficient manner. I will definitely continue to use Pinpoint both on my current vessel and in future project management enterprises that I am involved in.”

Roger Becker, project manager, Wrede Consultng: “The first impression of Pinpoint Works was positive as it would help simplify our documentation system. It was easy to implement into our daily working process and the team adapted quickly to the Pinpoint set up.

"We have found that using Pinpoint Works has saved us time on daily documentation and made warranty or refit items much easier to document so that all parties involved have a much clearer overview of the status on board, thus saving all parties invited to use the system time and money. At present we are hoping to get Pinpoint Works implemented on further projects as it is a system that will benefit a project, whether it be a refit or new build, for all parties involved at an affordable cost.”

Joshua Conquest, captain, MY Gazzella: “Being a new yacht under warranty, I was in need of a software application that clearly documented and organised each job to make it as easy and simple as possible for the shipyard and contractors. I had used the programme on my previous yacht for departmental work lists and found it was exactly what I was looking for. With the iPhone app it is the perfect tool for crew, heads of department, shipyards, contractors and captains.

“Very easy to set up, it takes away that issue of confusion and misunderstanding that previously occurred when dealing with companies in a second language via emails and excel sheets. Now I take a photo, add a location pin to the uploaded GA, tag the relevant company or individuals concerned, the priority level and add comments and a description. They can add their own comments and photos or videos as the job progresses.”

Pinpoint Works will be partnering with ACREW at the Monaco Yacht Show in order to meet clients and arrange demonstrations of the programme.



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