Naumatec, the brand acquired by Nuova Jolly Marine specialising in custom-made superyacht tenders, has recently launched the E-Tender 460. Powered by a stern drive electric engine developed by Huracan, the tender is the first of Naumatec's fully-electric tender range.

The propulsion system has many benefits including low noise and zero emissions, and the manufacturer claims that it requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, the tender is built using Vacuum Resin Infusion, a methodology that enhances strength while reducing overall weight of the product, as well as reducing VOC contamination and environmental impact.


The tender’s hull has been optimised to ensure high performance for the propulsion system and maneuverability in confined spaces. The Huracan stern drive engine is equipped with trim that guarantees a low steering radius and enhanced handling, even in reverse.

The tender’s measurements of 4.6m x 2m LOA means it can carry up to six people and has a dry weight of 480kg if equipped with a 15 kW single engine battery, or 620 kg with the best performing engine of 30kW and two batteries.

Electric tenders are interesting concepts for the future and offer superyachts an environmentally-friendly alternative. Their success relies heavily on whether the technology can be competitive in terms of pricing, range and durability. While only the first tests have been executed with Naumatec's basic 15kW engine version, the provisional data recorded for the E-Tender 460 has been satisfactory.

These tests have so far shown a top speed of 38 km/h, with a consumption about 20 kW/h, meaning a 40 minute range. At a speed of 8-10 km/h, the consumption drops to 3-4 kW/h, meaning an increased range of up to 3-4 hours. It is worth noting again, however, that this is only provisional data, neither definitive nor official, and Naumatec is still working to improve the whole system following further tests. Tests on the 30kW version are also going to be conducted very soon.

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