Several people have asked me why we haven’t joined the webinar bandwagon and delivered our equivalent of a SuperyachtTimes Zoom conversation or a Boat International ‘At Home’ series, suggesting we could do it so much better [ "No comment."].

I think the answer is very simple; our friends at both SuperyachtTimes and Boat International were first to market and we recognise that there are only so many hours in the day, and days in the week that their hundreds of viewers can participate in these crisis innovations. So, we have observed, watched and are waiting patiently.

I think the concept is interesting and the technology is continually improving, with several platforms being investigated and tested by our team, but there is no point in becoming an ‘also ran’. I am sure with all of the client webinars coming online, along with the event webinars and the myriad Zoom meetings, Microsoft Team meetings and Google Hangouts that everyone is currently using in their new daily routine, there is going to be a slight mental overload.

So, before we come to market with anything under our brand portfolio, and while our technical team are looking into the best platforms and building our longer-term content strategy, we wanted to ask you, our audience, what you really want from this emerging paradigm. So if you can answer a few simple questions, this would be really useful in helping us deliver what you need from us.

Online events and meetings

What do you think of the current webinars in the market?

Have you watched one that was particularly interesting and well executed?

How long do think a webinar should last?

Do you typically watch them live or go back and watch the recording?

What would you like to see in a Webinar?

What topics or subjects or people would you like to see on Webinars? (Please give one or two personal suggestions)

Do you listen to Podcasts?

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