The maritime technology company GNS has announced the launch of a new navigation service for its superyacht clients, designed to make navigation requirements easier and more cost-effective. Known as Voyager Superyacht, the software uses data analytics to provide a view of each yacht’s chart and publication holdings compared to its flag requirements and the needs of other regulatory stakeholders. Managers are then able to see any issues that may arise and resolve them quickly and efficiently while the navigation system helps crew purchase charts and publications more accurately and uses data analytics to show where there is overspending.

The key features of the Voyager Superyacht service include enhanced compliance, which tells the user exactly which products each vessel needs to sail safely and compliantly, as well as which products it has that it doesn't require. It also includes global terrestrial and satellite AIS yacht tracking that is updated every ten minutes for enhanced shore-based awareness.

Customers have the option of either buying both digital and paper charts on demand to meet individual requirements. All packaging is reportedly printed on FSC-certified paper and is fully recyclable without any extra plastic packaging while the software is delivered on bamboo USBs. GNS also offers a recycling service for any paper charts it supplies.

GNS offers two different payment options to customers – they can choose to use Pay as you Sail or buy ENCs on-demand to meet their navigation requirements. Pay as you Sail provides near-worldwide open access to ENCs with billing based on where a yacht has sailed. On-demand customers order charts when needed with permits that can be delivered on board within ten minutes.

In a recent survey conducted by The Superyacht Agency of various captains, engineers, ETOs, first officers, crew and various other stakeholders, 27 per cent of respondents claimed that the key use of satcomms was for optimising navigational operations. When asked on how this is expected to change, respondents believed that the demand for operational connectivity to help with navigation is due to increase by six per cent over the next five years. With findings such as this, it would come as no surprise if we were to see an increase in companies offering more technologies related to this.

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