Burgess Marine and Global Services have announced a partnership with exhaust purification specialist Exilator which will bring Exilator’s exhaust filtration technology to the superyacht industry. The key product from Exilator is the ExiLencer system, which can be designed to fit any available space and which passively reduces soot output, noise and harmful NOx emissions.

Using a patented NASA technology to ensure a low operating temperature passive filter means the ExiLencer system does not use extra fuel to run exhaust gas heaters or burners to regenerate the filter. The filter can also be used to replace an existing dry silencer without loss of noise attenuation.

The partnership between Burgess Marine, Global Services and Exilator also follows on from news of Burgess Marine’s appointment of Richard Burnett as technical sales manager. “The Exilator soot filter was developed in-house by Exilator in Denmark, and it is based on known and thoroughly tested components and technology from the automotive and mining industries,” says Burnett. “Although the Exilator is only a passive diesel particulate filter (DPF) so it doesn’t meet the Tier III NOx regulations, it does include a diffuser that gives 35dB(a) noise attenuation and a NOx reducing catalyst that makes it NOx neutral as NOx is made during the soot burning process. No other DPF on the market has this included, so they all make more NOx.”

The agreement between Burgess Marine – the largest independent ship repairer in the UK – and Exilator signals the foresight of both companies as current and future owners of yachts and other vessels become more aware of the benefits of having a simple and cost competitive exhaust purification system installed. “By coming together back in October last year with Global Services – the definitive specialist superyacht supplier of engineering equipment – we’ve positioned ourselves uniquely to support Exilator and the growth in awareness around exhaust purification systems in the superyacht space,” says Nicholas Warren, CEO of Burgess Marine. “The recent appointment of Richard Burnett as our technical sales manager clearly signifies both our commitment to Exilator and our determination to cross-sell Burgess Marine’s engineering expertise into the superyacht sector.”



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