Offering the application and removal of ceramic coatings to paint, glass and stainless steel on the exterior and interior of superyachts, CeraShield is an expanding company in the paint and coatings sector. In response to increased interest in using ceramic coatings technology to prolong the life of superyacht paint, the company has recently launched a five-year protection plan.

The protection plan is essentially a tailor-made payment plan set out over a period of five years that guarantees the gloss levels on new paint. The plan is beneficial for clients that want a scheduled revolving gloss-maintenance programme, wherever they are in the world, and want the costs to be planned ahead and factored into the overall operations budget. 

“We know the areas of the boat that down-gloss faster and so can accurately schedule in and budget for ceramic coatings over the course of five years,” explains CeraShield co-founder Claire Steel. “The client then knows that every year they will spend a set amount of money to keep the gloss maintained. Then, at the end of the plan, we can hand it back to the client with no ceramic on and ready for a repaint.”

Often, superyachts will neglect surfaces for too long without taking preventable action, which can be detrimental to the gloss and makes it even harder to restore. With shipyards and paint applicators unable to offer guarantees on paint jobs over two years, the hope is that this five-year plan will appeal greatly to the refit and new build markets.

While refitted yachts would benefit from the gloss protection plan, the plan is also suited for inclusion at the new build stage. “Paint is not lasting how it used to and most new builds only get one or two year's worth of paint guarantee,” adds co-founder Andy Williams. “With gloss levels starting to go down at the three-year stage, and most boats only having the budget and time for a repaint every five years, shipyards could offer the protection plan to its new-build clients as an extra add-on.”

Image: CeraShield restored the gloss of eight-year-old polyurethane paint work and sealed it with a 7 micron ceramic coating

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